Interview: Blaze CodeX

The East has produced some of the best musicians in the country that one could easily argue that it’s something in the waters.. I recently got the opportunity to decipher conscious rapper – Blaze codeX’s craft and found out what really sets him apart from the rest,here’s how the conversation went…iSlenderSaMaCatalogue:  Break down your stage name for me ? 

Blaze codeX: When I started freestyling , I caught people’s attention as the kid who spits flames, so I started using Blaze as an AKA and as I grew older I became more conscious of my lyrics. That’s when I took up CodeX, because I felt like a manuscript and that my bars were a book of scrolls. iSlenderSaMaCatalogue: How do you think being from VUTA aka Daveyton has shaped your craft ? 

Blaze codeX: Daveyton gave me my identity.I became a blaze by watching legends like Maradona, Jozz-line and the late Catalyst kick it in Cyphers. Catalyst was actually the first to give me a spot to record, may his soul rest in peace. 

Play: ▶️ Blaze codeX – Dtown state of mind 

iSlenderSaMaCatalogue: Battle rap vs Cyphers. Pick one.. 

Blaze codeX:  Cyphers are an exchange of good raps while battles are a bunch of Negus tearing each other apart. Battle rap taught me how to think fast but I prefer cyphers. 

“There’s a demand for music with substance.” – Blaze CodeX 

iSlenderSaMaCatalogue: we continuously see a lot of underground emcee’s shift their lyrical content from the harsh realities of society and opt to rap about jewels and rides, what are your thoughts on the concept of selling out ? 

Blaze codeX: Lyrics are dependent on the surroundings each artist finds him/herself in. I have respect for the dudes that choose to motivate and build their audience but also understand it’ll be hard for a rapper who’s made it not to spit about whips and shiny grills – that’s  what they have around them.I grew up singing in church, so I could put out a singing record at any point of my career. [being multifaceted is okay.] 

Play: ▶️ Blaze codeX- Time iSlenderSaMaCatalogue: What challenges have you faced as a upcoming conscious rapper in SA ?

Blaze codeX: As SA Hip-Hop continues to grow there’s a greater demand for music with substance, yet it remains hard to get music that fit that criteria into radio/tv. When a conscious act does break through their considered new comers for 3 or more years which takes the craft 10 steps back as there’s new talent trying to break through everyday. 

 iSlenderSaMaCatalogue:what are your hopes for the future of SA hiphop ? 

Blaze codeX:    That SA hip hop will have a future where every genre of hiphop can thrive in the mainstream media. A future where I won’t have to sound like Emtee or Casper Nyovest to meet commercial success. S/O to Casper & Emtee for doing the unthinkable but maybe a conscious rapper like myself will be able to fill up Orlando Stadium in the near future..

iSlenderSaMaCatalogue: What projects are you currently working on and what should we expect from you in the future ?

Blaze codeX:  I’m working on a Ep titled “Pieces Of My Heart” which covers a range of topics such as poverty, love, crime and everyday struggles people of color face. I’m also working on a [Hip-Hop] group project with @NortyGravity 

iSlenderSaMaCatalogue: lyrics to remember you? 

Blaze codeX: I say the best is yet to come but for now I leave you with these lines..

Play: ▶️ The world these days

Connect with Blaze CodeX,

Facebook : Blaze CodeX 

SoundCloud : Blaze codeX

Twitter : @BlazeCodeXX 

Instagram : @blazecodexx

Tumblr : BlazeCodeX

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