An experience I will never forget: The Dawn-Dream Girls Academy Dreamers to Leaders mentor-ship program 2018





  1. An experienced and trusted adviser.

Synonyms: adviser, guide, confidant, confidante, counselor etc.


  1. Advise or train (someone, especially a younger colleague).

In 2017 Dawn launched the #YouGotThisCampaign, which aims to empower the young women of South Africa and reaffirm that they ‘got this’. I was among the 100 young women that Dawn chose to attend the first ever Dawn mentor-meet up. On the day of the event, I was among the eleven young women which Dawn chose through a raffle to receive long-term mentor-ship.


Dawn facilitated the mentor-ship program through a partnership with Dream-Girls Academy, a non-governmental organization which focuses on encouraging young women to pursue a tertiary education and become independent, empowered and successful professionals or entrepreneurs who are catalysts for positive change in their communities.

The academy achieves its aims through one-on-one mentor-ship and workshops which focus on areas such as life design, goal setting, financial planning, professional advancement and personal development.


Life is challenging for young millennial women, we live in a land of opportunity so we are able to dream big and pursue our dreams: in that process of pursueing our dreams we can face triumps and failures. That’s why Mentor-ship is important for all spheres of life, be it academically, professionally or socially we all need a little guidance at one point or another.

Mentor-Mentee relationships are an honest exchange of experiences, which result in guidance, inspiration and occasionally tearful coffee dates.


The Dawn-Dream Girls Academy Dreamers to Leaders mentor-ship program exposed me to basic financial literacy skills, personal branding/networking classes and the tools that I need to present my best self at all times.

I have also learnt that it is important that I use my platform to uplift others, and that I should care for and love myself first because one cannot pour out of an empty cup. Through the Dawn- Dream Girls Academy Dreamers to Leaders mentor-ship program I learnt that sisterhood is important. I realized that I am not alone in my journey and that great things happen when women come together.


I am grateful to Dawn for this amazing initiative. I am grateful to Dream Girls Academy for facilitating the amazing workshops and I am grateful to the mentors who invested their time in my mentee group and me.

The most important thing that I walked away with from this program is that leadership is devoting your life to others, in the words of my mentor, Leanne Dlamini, “everyone wants to lead but nobody wants to serve.”
Be the change that you want to see in the world, volunteer at an NGO, use the platform which you have been given, use your voice, or even become a mentor.


Titus 3:14

Our people must learn to use their lives for doing good deeds. They should do good to those in need. Then our people will not have useless lives.

3 thoughts on “An experience I will never forget: The Dawn-Dream Girls Academy Dreamers to Leaders mentor-ship program 2018

  1. I am uplifted to witness a different version of females. Living in a world were we are wired to be self indulgent we tend to forget to impact other people’s lives because we are focused on futile things. Continue to make a difference in a young girls life. Allow not your light to be deemed don’t let anyone steal your magic. Shine African child shine.

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