Caring For Your Natural Hair On A Budget


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Congratulations on your decision to end your relationship with chemical treatments AKA relaxer, after spending an ample amount of time familiarizing yourself with relaxer products it only makes sense that you find the task of caring for  and growing your natural hair daunting but this needn’t be the case because it isn’t necessarily true once you figure out the dos and dont’s of natural hair, caring for your hair is easy. According to my cousin Nomonde, Sharing your natural hair care tips, accelerates your natural hair growth and  I’m trying to grow these inches, so here goes:



  •  Always use sulfate-free shampoo, this will make sure that your hair has less breakage.
  •  Unless you really have to, wash your hair once a week. Excessive washing results in loss of moisture which results in breaking.


 Castor oil and glycerin, have really great benefits for hair,

  • To stimulate hair growth, heat castor oil, base scalp and cover with a shower cap overnight then shampoo.
  • To combat brittle hair, wet hair,  apply glycerin and cover with shower cap overnight then shampoo.


  • I prefer using hair foods’ which have coconut oil/olive oil as a key ingredient.
  •  A water based hair spray to make the water spray.

Twist Outs

Twist outs accentuate the curly texture that we all love so much.

  • Bigger twists, looser curls.
  • Smaller twists, tighter curls.

Rub  hair food in your hands before you start undoing the twists. Curls can last a few days after the twist out so you do not have to twist your hair everyday, just tie your hair in a bun before bedtime to preserve curls.

Protective Hairstyles

Braids are your friend !


The water spray = Water based hair spray + Water + Olive oil + Glycerin.

The water spray is one of the key components to keeping your mane healthy and moisturized.

Water Spray – key ingredients and benefits:

Water – Contrary to popular belief, water is your friend, natural hair strives in a moisture rich environment. 

Olive oil – Combats dandruff , Stimulates hair growth and seals in moisture.

Glycerin – Defines curl pattern and keeps hair moisturized.


 I based the calculations on prices at the leading pharmacy in South Africa,

  • Castor oil – R 25.99
  • Glycerin – R 9.99
  • Water based Spray – R 33,99
  • Olive oil- R 47,99
  • Sulfate free shampoo – R 33,99
  • Hair food – R 15,00

TOTAL COST : R 166, 95

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There you have it, my guide to caring for your natural hair on a budget.

Remember what cousin Nomonde said, Your hair grows faster when you share your natural hair care tips with other members of the natural hair club.

Comment with any hair tips I left out and remember to share. XXX

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