Introducing the iSlenderSaMaCatalogue™ Merch

iSlenderSaMaCatalogue™ was founded in the streets of Vuta AKA Daveyton in 2014 on a sunny and dry Thursday afternoon when I was returning home from yet another commercial shoot. A short summary of the story is that an elderly man ran up to me while I was trying to pull off the hardest mean mug of my life and proclaimed my new nickname from the top of his lungs. The mean mug definitely didn’t stick but the nickname did.

My earliest memories were playing in the dusty streets of Kwalo Steet in Daveyton, walking to Bafo-Chiko Primary School and being told about a show called Yizo-Yizo being shot a walking distance from my home. My swag and talents flow from my roots. My upbringing in Daveyton and coming of age in Geelhout Park birthed iSlenderSaMaCatalogue™

Anyone who has lived eKasi, knows what iSlenderSaMaCatalogue means but for me, iSlenderSaMaCatalogue™ grew beyond a nickname given to women who are deemed conventionally ”pretty”. As life drew me further from my roots and humble beginnings I insisted on being called iSlenderSaMaCatalogue™ because that was my way of paying homage to where I am from.

iSlenderSaMaCatalogue™ was founded to pay homage to the melting pot of culture ,swag, talent, hopes and dreams that are often shackled by a lack of opportunity, resources and ultimately an unfair playing field; that’s why it has become clear to me that iSlenderSaMaCatalogue™ needs to become more than a hashtag. I believe that we all have a role in creating the world we want our kin to live in and that’s why I will give 15% of all profits made from the sale of iSlenderSaMaCatalogue™ merchandise to a township based non-profit organization.

Pantsula Exhibition by Chris Saunders

15% of all sales from the first drop, will be donated to the Jessica Dlamini Foundation 4 Women, a Non-Profit organization based in Mamelodi, Pretoria. The organization prides itself in providing support to girls which will encourage and enable them to obtain an education, with a key focus on providing young women with education and entrepreneur opportunities. The Jessica Dlamini Foundation 4 Women stood out to me because there can never be too many NPOs doing impactful work eKasi and because the founder of the organization self-funds a number of the initiatives.

The Jessica Dlamini Foundation 4 Women was founded by Jessica Dlamini who hails from Pretoria, she was recently named as part of the #IamGenerationEquality for her dedication to fighting social injustices. A report from South Africa’s Department of Basic Education (2011b) found an increase in school drop-outs across grades, it is estimated that out of a 100 learners that begin school in Grade 1 , half will dropout, 40 will complete matric, and only 12 will be eligible to pursue higher education. There are various reasons why students drop out of school and the lack of resources is one of them.

15% of all sales from the first iSlenderSaMaCatalogue™ drop will be donated to the Jessica Dlamini Foundation 4 Women in time for the back to school season 2021, when students are in need of school uniforms, school shoes and stationary. I am hopeful that I can partner with YOU to make a difference in the lives of two , twenty or maybe a hundred students. Regardless of the number of lives we manage to have an impact on, I believe that it will MATTER.

To place your order send a WhatsApp to 083 600 6176


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